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Dry ice

We can deliver your dry ice by pacel service.

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Dry ice Pelletizer

Type SDPP240

  • PLC-controlled dry ice production
  • Different pellet diameters are possible
  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Ice production up to 240 kg/h.

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Dry ice Pelletizer

Type SDPP120

  • PLC-controlled dry ice production
  • Different pellet diameters are possible
  • High quality stainless steel case
  • Ice production up to 120 kg/h.

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Dry ice is used in industry in many ways, including cleaning processes. In order to achieve optimum cleaning results, fresh dry ice should be used wherever possible. With the help of the SÜDSTRAHL pelletizer SDPP120 and SDPP 240 you can produce your own dry ice pellets and determine the quality of the dry ice. In addition, you can order freshly produced dry ice directly from us, which will be conveniently delivered to you the next working day.


Producing dry ice - the process

In our pelletizer, liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is expanded under atmospheric pressure. This means CO2 -gas is pressurized to liquefy it and to release the liquid this pressure is suddenly reduced. In the process, some of the carbon dioxide vaporizes and withdraws heat from the rest of CO2 which it needs to vaporize. This physical process cools the remaining gas down to -78.4 °C and produces dry ice snow. This ice snow is pressed into rod-shaped pellets in the dry ice machine. SÜDSTRAHL dry ice pelletizers are equipped with various press die inserts that allow dry ice pellets with a diameter of 16 mm, 3 mm up to 1.7 mm to be produced. The dry ice pellets up to 3 mm are particularly suitable for dry ice cleaning in combination with our ice blasting machines. The coarse-grained nuggets with a diameter of 16 mm, on the other hand, are often used in transport refrigeration.


Application areas of the dry ice machine

Due to its special characteristics, dry ice is used in a wide variety of areas, such as industrial plants, research, gastronomy, IT and events. The self-produced dry ice can be used, for example, to cool food, pharmaceutical products, such as for the shipment of vaccines, processors or motors. It can also be used for deburring workpieces, shrinking or hardening components, as an effect in stage technology and for cleaning sensitive surfaces.


Advantages of the pelletizer in dry ice cleaning

Independent dry ice production offers you various other advantages in addition to the high flexibility in your daily workflow


  • High quality through freshness:

    During transport, dry ice loses density and mass. With the help of the pelletizer, fresh dry ice can be produced exactly as needed and filled directly into your ice blast cleaner to achieve the best possible cleaning results. The older the dry ice is, the poorer the quality and the cleaning performance decreases.

  • Reduction of dry ice consumption:

    With increasing duration, the stored ice pellets sublimate, increasing the dry ice requirement to clean a given area.

  • Height Availability:

    By manufacturing in-house, you are not affected by market fluctuations or delayed supply chains. In addition, availability is always guaranteed regardless of your consumption quantity or spontaneous demand.

  • Profitability:

    Self-produced dry ice is economically viable, as there are no transport and storage costs. In addition, the downtimes of blasting machines are reduced and, as already mentioned, the dry ice consumption is reduced.


Requirements for the production of dry ice pellets

For the use of the dry ice machine, you need not only the necessary space but also a liquid CO2 tank. In addition, we offer various press dies and other accessories to meet your individual needs in the best possible way.


Dry ice production machines directly from the manufacturer

SÜDSTRAHL products are manufactured in Germany, which enables us to guarantee the high quality of our equipment.
Do you have any questions about dry ice production, the purchase of pellets or costs? We are available for you at any time and will be happy to advise you personally at +49 7141.13381-10 or contact us conveniently via our contact form.