Compressor for

Dry ice cleaning machine

We are pleased to offer you the suitable compressor for your dry ice blasting machine. You have the choice between a stationary, electrical compressor or the mobile diesel compressor version.

Technical data  ·  By comparison

MARK MSB 30/13 stationaryKAESER M82 mobile
Engine type Elektrisch 400 V~ / 50 Hz / 3 PhasenDiesel
Fuel tank capacity 150 l
Weight ca. 458 kgca. 1.580 kg
Dimensions L x W x H aprox. 1.28 x 780 x 1.2 mmaprox. 4,1 x 1,79 x 1.53 m
Effect. del. quantity

2,98 m³ / min5,5 m³ / min
Air pressure max. 13 barmax. 14 bar
Engine power 30 kW54,6 kW
Sound pressure ca. 69 dB(A)76 dB(A)
Air connection 1 x 1 inch3 x ¾ inch, 1 x 1½ inch

You can find special accessories such as jet hose extenders or other nozzles here.

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