Dry ice cleaning machine

The most powerful PowerJet 20/20 model has a 24 kg dry ice tank at a consumption of 150 kg / h. Equipped with a single-hose system, the PowerJet 20/20 is the strongest cleaning solution form Südstrahl up to 20 Bar air pressure.

Control and control on the device

  • Pneumatic controlled start / stop trigger on the gun
  • Automatic ice conveyance with compressed air release
  • Illuminated main switch
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Pressure relief valve 20 bar
  • Blast Pressure Gauges
  • Adjustable dry ice volume via touch panel
  • Service informations by touch panel
  • Adjustable jet pressure via rotary control knob

Required protection

  • Safety goggles
  • Ear protection
  • Protective gloves
  • Breathing mask
  • Protective clothing

Technical data ·  Dry ice cleaning machine PowerJet 20/20

Operation knob
Weight unfilled approx. 85 kg
Dimensions W x D x H approx. 550 x 740 x 1.070 mm
Frame Stainless frame, Aluminum cladding
Power supply 230 Volt, 50 Hz or 110 Volt, 60 Hz
Air supply min. 3 bar, max. 20 bar
Required air flow (3 - 20 m³/minute)
Compressed air supply line Claw quick coupling according to DIN 3238
Compressed air quality as dry as possible, oil-free and cooled
Dry ice 3 mm or samller Dry ice pellets
Dry ice consumption 0 – 150 kg/h.
Ice hopper tank and lid of stainless steel, isolated
Hopper volume
(1 liter appr. 0,75 kg Ice)
approx. 24 liters dry ice pellets
Beam sound pressure approx. 110 dB(A)
Blasting hose lenght 6 meters with protective sleeve, or 10 m. available
Spray gun Impact resistant plastic and aluminum, with remote start button
Nozzle connection ¾ inch thread
Connection of jet hose quick coupling
Transport rollers 4 solid rubber tires

You can find special accessories such as jet hose extenders or other nozzles here.

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