Dry ice for your application

We produce and deliver dry ice on every working day. We deliver ice boxes of 25 Kg each with 3 mm and 16 mm pellet diameter. These boxes are sent by parcel service, which usually arrives at the customer's next business day.

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3 mm and 16 mm dry ice delivery units

  • 25 Kg iceboxes by parcel service or pick-up
  • 100 Kg iceboxes by forwarding or collection

    We supply the following industries


    Dry Ice is a space and cost-efficient means of refrigerating perishables and food during long transports and flights.

    Food Delivery

    Dry Ice is an excellent solution for transporting meat, fruit and vegetables for both domestic and long-distance deliveries. The low temperature maintains freshness, and even after sublimation the present CO2 gas acts as an effective preserve.

    Pharmaceutical industry and laboratory

    Dry Ice is an excellent solution for maintaining the critical cryogenic temperatures needed in the storage and transportation of drugs and biological samples.


    Dry Ice is used extensively in the transportation of cold products, where refrigeration equipment may not be desirable or available, and can represent a very cost effective solution for cold-chain logistics.