Dry-ice blasting – cleaning wood


You want to clean wood gently but thoroughly? The dry-ice blasting method might be just the right choice for you! The sensitive material should be treated without chemicals or any danger of abrasion, which is why dry ice is perfectly suitable as a cleaning medium. Free your timber beam, frontage, wooden house or your roof framework from dirt, dust and coatings – and be ecosensitive while you’re at it!


How does dry ice cleaning work?

The process of dry ice cleaning is explained by the following: The first step is to produce the dry ice. For this process, so called dry ice pallets (which are basically carbon dioxide) are pressed under high compression. The pallets are then used as blasting media in form of -78°C cold carbon dioxide (CO2) with the help of a blasting device (dry ice machine).


The dry ice snap-freezes dirt particles due to its low temperature which leads to destruction of their structure. The blasting pressure detaches dirt from the surface that is cleaned without any friction or other forms of damage. The removed muck flies off while the dry ice sublimates. No wetness or residue is left behind.


More remarks and precise information about dry ice as well as its production can be found in this overview.


Cleaning wood with dry ice

Dry ice is popular due to its wide range of possible applications – it does not matter if it is used industrially, private, on plastics or wood, pretty much anything will get clean safe, residue-free and without complications.


One of the many advantages of dry-ice blasting on wood is that there is no scrubbing or any other kind of harm taking place. Especially, no chemical substances are used on the material. Also, no wetness is used when blasting dry ice, so that not only there is no drying time required but also the material is saved from moisture. Thanks to the dry ice method and with the help of a technically correct cleaning, the life span of the material will be extended.


Wooden houses, staircases and fronts

You want to help your whole house, your wooden staircase or your front to shine like new again? Dry ice will help you clean the wood gently and without adding any cleaning products. Same goes for fences, handrails, your patio or floors. Dry-ice blasting eliminates dirt, traces of weather and even paint and varnish. Even oils, fats and silicone are no problem for dry-ice blasting!

Wooden floors, roofs and window shutters

When remediating a roof framework, the cleaning of posts and wooden beams is inevitable. Especially when it comes to older buildings, the delicate wood needs to be treated with care. That is why dry ice is perfectly suitable for the cleaning process. The blasting of the dry ice will get to the tiniest cracks and allow an efficient yet careful treatment of the material.

Wooden furniture

The gentle dry-ice blasting is a popular technique for cleaning and conditioning, especially when it comes to older wooden furniture and antiques. Particularly older furniture that was used a lot shows persistent stains, filth and uneven coating layers. With the help of a dry ice machine, particles of dirt as well as remains of color and varnish can be removed from surfaces, nooks and cracks. Same goes for handles and hinges that can be cleaned with dry-ice blasting! Due to the temperature of the dry ice, the elimination of viruses, fungi and unwanted smells is also guaranteed.


Advantages of dry ice cleaning

The seemingly endless advantages are what makes the dry ice cleaning technique a great choice when it comes to wood cleaning. Here you can see the most important items regarding the environment, material and process:


  • No abrasion, no damaging
  • Makes it suitable for older, sensitive wood, older buildings and monument protection


  • Ecological
  • Easy on the environment


  • No use of chemical substances and other contaminants
  • Dry ice is flameproof and nontoxic


  • Antibacterial effect
  • Eliminates most viruses & fungi


  • No usage of water
  • No drying time, no wetness


  • Odorless
  • Also eliminates unwanted smells


  • Fast process
  • No dissassemblies, reaches tiniest cracks


  • Cheap and flexible application


Devices, dry ice and prices

Take a look at our product portfolio for detailed information regarding functioning, particular facts, different sizes and ice consumption of our various dry ice machines. Depending on your intend and individual wishes there might be different machines and equipment to suit your needs. Of course you can also buy dry ice from us – we will ship it to you the next working day. You want to produce dry ice yourself? There are various machines for this need that we offer as well.


Dry ice production machines directly from the manufacturer

Our SÜDSTRAHL products are manufactured carefully in Germany, which enables us to guarantee the high quality of our equipment. Do you have any questions about dry ice production, the purchase of pellets or costs? We are available for you at any time and will be happy to advise you personally at +49 7141.13381-10 or contact us conveniently via our contact form.