Dry ice cleaning for vehicles

With the help of dry ice you can get your car parts clean fast and safe without the use of any chemicals! It does not matter if you want to get your interior space or individual parts thoroughly clean or if you even want to perform an engine wash – dry ice will help you to not only remove stains and dust but will on top neutralize unwanted smells. In the following you will be informed about the features and functions of dry-ice blasting as well as which car and motorbike parts can be cleaned with dry ice. Also, advantages of a dry ice cleaning will be presented and you will learn how you can get your hands on a dry-ice machine of your choice.


How does dry ice cleaning work?

What does the process of dry ice cleaning look like? To produce the ice, one needs so called dry ice pellets (which is basically carbon dioxide pressed under high compression). The pallets then serve as blasting abrasive, releasing -78°C cold carbon dioxide (CO2). During the cleaning process, the dry ice machine fires the cold at the spot that is to be cleaned so that particles of dirt are snap-frozen, which causes small fissures in their structure. Due to the pressure of the blast, the dirt detaches from the surface that is cleaned without damaging it. The detached dirt flies off while the dry ice sublimates as gas into the surroundings, thus not leaving any residues behind. More remarks and precise information about dry ice as well as its production can be found in this overview.


Dry ice car cleaning: Suitable for which parts?

There are almost no limitations when it comes to cleaning with dry ice – dashboards, rims, cushions and even the sensitive engine compartment can be cleaned with the help of ice blasting.


Engine and interior

Dreckiger Motorraum vor der Trockeneisstrahlreinigung
Engine compartment before
Sauberer Motorraum nach der Trockeneisstrahlreinigung
Engine compartment after


Both the interior of your car as well as the engine compartment can be effortlessly cleaned with dry-ice blasting. The dashboard and cockpit area can be cleaned gently down to the smallest cavity, without leaving wetness behind. Same goes for displays, ventilation, speedo and everything else that belongs to your equipment. The best part about using the dry ice technique for interior is that it leaves absolutely no traces and marks on the surfaces so that you do not have to go over everything with a cloth afterwards. You transport your dog with your car or there are other reasons why the floor and cushions are suffering? Dry ice provides a remedy for this issue as well. All staining, mold and smells can be removed without rubbing, completely chemical free and gentle to your seats, cushions and the ceiling. On top, the method of blasting with dry ice operates anti-bacterial and removes fungi. Similar as with the dashboard there is no drying time necessary since dry ice is not leaving any moisture behind! Also, almost all viruses are removed due to the temperature of the dry ice.


Dreckige Autofelge vor der Trockeneisstrahlreinigung
Alloy rims before
Saubere Autofelge nach der Trockeneisstrahlreinigung
Alloy rims after


Dry ice cleaning of the rims

Dirt can even be effectively eliminated in the smallest and hard accessible spaces of the tires, hub cap and rims. Oil, salts, tar and nature traces vanish in the face of dry-ice blasting.


Dry ice cleaning of the engine compartment

One of the biggest advantages of dry ice cleaning is that it is a simple method for engine wash. In conventional cleaning, individual cables and wires need to be removed carefully while with the dry ice technique everything can be kept the way it is. The cleaning process is gentle and there is no risk of the engine getting wet or the sensible parts getting scrubbed.


Other parts that can be cleaned with dry ice

The possibilities of dry ice cleaning truly are limitless – the subfloor of your vehicle can also be cleaned with the help of dry ice without the blasting abrasive getting into the hollow spaces. On top of removing salt residues and dirt there is the nice side effect that rust will be eliminated as well! You want to get your convertible hood nice and shining again? No problem because dry ice will not only clean your hood but also wipe out bird-do. Polish residue can additionally be removed from rims and plastic parts with the help of dry ice.


Advantages of dry ice cleaning


The seemingly endless advantages are what makes the dry ice cleaning technique a great choice when it comes to car washing. Here you can see the most important items regarding the environment, materials and your vehicle:

  • No chemical substances
    • Dry ice is not toxic nor inflammable and gentle to the environment
  • Antibacterial effect
    •  Kills most viruses
  • No usage of water
    • No drying time required, thus speeding up the whole cleaning process
  • Gentle to all materials, no wearout
    • Especially to all synthetic materials, electronics, cushions and engines
  • Scentless
  • Suitable for vintage cars
    • Especially well for moisture-sensitive, older parts
  • Dry surfaces right after cleaning process
    • No traces left behind
  • Fast process
    • No demolition necessary; hard accessible parts can also be reached
  • Low cost

Dry-ice blasting is one of the most gentle techniques for your vehicle and the advantages can hardly be outreached. The missing drying time (since no wetness is used) makes this procedure also time-saving. You will get your whole car clean in no time without residue, the usage of chemicals and on top disinfected.
See before-after pictures of the cleaning process with dry ice here.


Devices, dry ice and prices

Depending on your intend and individual wishes there might be different dry ice machines to suit your needs. Take a look at our product portfolio for detailed information regarding functioning, particular facts, different sizes and ice consumption. Of course you can also buy dry ice from us – we will ship it to you the next working day. You want to produce dry ice yourself? There are of course various machines for this need that we offer.


Dry ice production machines directly from the manufacturer

SÜDSTRAHL products are manufactured in Germany, which enables us to guarantee the high quality of our equipment. Do you have any questions about dry ice production, the purchase of pellets or costs? We are available for you at any time and will be happy to advise you personally at +4971411338110 or contact us conveniently via our contact form.