Accessories for

Dry ice cleaning machines

Various applications require the appropriate selection of the jet nozzles. By simply unscrewing, nozzles, extensions or ice splitter can be changed quickly.

  • Round with different diameters
  • Flat nozzles with a width of 20 - 100 mm
  • Extension and angle tubes
  • Dry ice splitter
  • Blasting hose extensions

Air pressure booster for CUBE Ice blaster

If the available operating pressure is too low to achieve a sufficient radiating result, Südstrahl offers a pressure booster. This requires twice the volume of compressed air and thus boosts the air pressure. For example, from 2 m2 of compressed air with 5 bar will be after the pressure booster approx. 8-10 bar and 1 m2 airflow.

Compressors for the Dry ice cleaning machines

We are pleased to offer you the suitable compressor for your dry ice blasting machine. You have the choice between a stationary, electrical compressor or the mobile diesel compressor version. Compressors.

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