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Residue free
dry ice cleaning

Dry ice blasting machine PowerJet 16/10 Plus

  • Compact desktop unit made of lightweight aluminum
  • Ice grain size adjustable via rotary control
  • Adjustable drying quantity via touch panel

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Dry ice production:
Produce pellets yourself.

Dry ice pelletizer type SDPP120

  • floor standing devices with robust stainless steel housing
  • Low dry ice consumption with high cleaning power
  • Adjustable dry ice quantity via touch panel

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Dry ice cleaning:
Practical and effective

Dry ice blasting machine Cube Vario

  • Compact desktop device made of lightweight aluminum
  • Ice grain size adjustable via rotary control
  • Adjustable dry ice quantity via touch panel

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Dry ice cleaning of SÜDSTRAHL


In the dry ice cleaning process, dry ice is used as a blasting abrasive. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) and -78.4 °C cold. Due to this extreme coldness of the dry ice pellets, the dirt is shock-frozen in seconds, causing mirco-cracks in the contamination. The pallets are accelerated enormously by dry ice cleaning devices in combination with compressed air and penetrate through the cracks into the pollution. Due to the pressure of the accelerated abrasive and the resulting cold shock detach the dirt particles from the surface to be cleaned. After dry ice cleaning, only the removed dirt remains, as the dry ice completely sublimated into CO2-shaped gas into the environment.



Cleaning with dry ice - your advantages

Dry ice cleaning is a particularly gentle process for sensitive objects or surfaces and can extend their service life. In addition, the blasting process can be adapted to the properties of the workpiece to be cleaned by adjusting the pressure, the amount of ice and the size of the ice grain. In abrasive procedures with hard abrasives, such as sandblasting, the surface is roughened to remove the dirt and, in contrast to dry ice cleaning, damaged. Dry ice cleaning is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning methods. No chemicals are used and no harmful vapours are produced. In addition, there are no residues of the abrasive that need to be disposed of. Furthermore, cleaning with dry ice is recommended for industries where abrasives, in which sand or water cannot be used or are even prohibited by law, suitable. Due to the temperature of the dry ice, this cleaning method is antibacterial and suitable for the care sector and the food industry. Additionally, the dry ice is odorless, non-flammable or conductive.


Another advantage of dry ice blasting is its low cost, which can be achieved as follows:


  • Fast effective procedure that does not require system downtime
  • Mobile cleaning method, no disassembly of the item to be cleaned and access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Hot tool can be cleaned directly without cooling (cleaning time can even be shortened)

Versatile applications for cleaning with dry ice

The dry ice cleaning process is versatile. Whether in mechanical engineering, printing plants, municipalities or the automotive and pharmaceutical industries. You achieve the best possible cleaning result with little effort.




  • Car cleaning with dry ice

Clean cars or motorcycles with dry ice. Thanks to dry ice, you can remove the underbody protection quickly and reliably or repaint your car without damaging the primer. In addition, with this variant, you can perform a motor wash, which is banned by many manufacturers with high-pressure cleaners or water. Also polluted Rims, windows and door edges can be made to shine again. Dry ice is also suitable for internal cleaning. Remove easily stubborn stains, dust and dog hair on car seats, doormats and in the entire interior. You can also neutralize unpleasant odors, such as e.g. in smoking vehicles.



  • Dry ice cleaning of injection moulding and pressure casting:

Cleaning with dry ice is often used in casting processes such as injection molding. This cleaning method is particularly popular because it increases the service life of the tools and can remove even the most stubborn deposits from casting molds. Residues of paint, varnish, rubber or silicone can be easily removed from injection molds (plastic parts production) or aluminum pressure casting molds thanks to the blasting process. In addition, dry ice cleaning of injection molding and pressure casting machines can reduce wear, cleaning effort and machine downtime.



  • Dry ice facade cleaning:

Dry ice cleaning is a popular method for cleaning facades. Conveniently remove graffiti, climbing plants, stickers or other Pollution. Dry ice blasting also replaces soot, which is why these cleaning method is used in fire remediation. Even half-timbered houses can be easily and gently cleanedcleaned without destroying the wood grain.



  • Other possible procedures

Cleaning with dry ice works for metal, wood, stone and plastic such as:

  • Fences, stairs, gates, bricks

  • Walkway, flowing, parquet


If you want to know if dry ice cleaning is suitable for your problem or if you are unsure which device to use, please contact us and we will help you.


Do you want to know if dry ice cleaning is suitable for your problem or are you unsure which device to use? Please contact us and we will help you.

Best possible cleaning results due to dry ice cleaning

In the case of sensitive electronic parts, it is important that these are particularly cleaned carefully and gently. Control cabinets, circuit boards, control elements and other electronics can easily be used with dry ice during operation clean.

Dry ice cleaning removes fats, oils, soot and lime, as well as other impurities in no time at all, without leaving moisture or damage to the components.

More examples in our "Dry Ice Cleaning" videos.

Dry ice cleaning equipment directly from the manufacturer

We produce our dry ice cleaners in Germany, which enables us to guarantee high quality and to adapt the equipment to your individual requirements. You can test our products directly on site in Tamm in Baden-Württemberg or visit us at our booth
We offer innovative, lightweight and compact dry ice blasters at fair prices. Südstrahl GmbH & Co. KG Dry ice cleaning machines are suitable for continuous operation and are economical in dry ice and compressed air consumption.

We are always available for you and will be happy to answer your questions about cleaning with dry ice, We would be happy to advise you personally on +48 7141-13381-10 or contact us conveniently via our contact form.